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Nursery HPL Cubicle Specs

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Nursery Toilet Cubicles

Nursery Toilet Cubicles

We offer a unique range of brightly coloured Nursery Toilet Cubicles. Designed specifically for young children, our Nursery Toilet Cubicles provide the required degree of privacy whilst still ensuring the safety of young children.

Nursery Cubicle Details

Our range of brightly coloured laminates can be combined to create a fun, child-friendly washroom.

Nursery Cubicle Range

There are three Nursery Toilet Cubicles in our range – The Lollipop, Ranch and Wave. These can all be fully customised and are available in MFC, HPL or 13mm Compact Grade laminates.

Nursery Cubicle Door

All Nursery Toilet Cubicles are available with standard Satin Anodised Aluminium (SAA). These both feature a standard, easy to open, safety indicator bolt.